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Cooling Tower

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What is Cooling Tower ?

The Cooling Tower is a heat removal device which uses water to transfer wasted heat into the atmosphere. The mixing of warm water and cooler air releases 
latent heat of vaporization, causing the water to cool. 
Nowadays, most of the Cooling Towers can be seen around both commercial area and industrial site 

What is the Purpose of Cooling Tower ?

The Cooling Tower’s water is used to cool down the water and is a huge heat exchanger, releasing the building heat into the atmosphere and returning the cold water back to the chiller . 

How does a Cooling Tower work ?

Most of the time, any industrial equipment/process or air condition can cause a great amount of heat which can be later form as a hot water which needed to be cool down.  The main duty of the Cooling Tower is to recirculated the hot water and exposed it to cool and dry air. The heat will eventually leave the recirculating cooling tower water through evaporation. After that the cold water will be re-entering and cool down the industrial equipment. 

Why are Cooling Tower needed ?

An industrial Cooling Tower can be found around the commercial or around the industrial site such as Manufacturing Companies, Powerplant, airport, School or chemical processing factory. The Cooling Tower can be considered as the essential part of many types of refrigeration systems.   
Nowadays, with the highly increase rate of population, there has been huge rise in demand of necessity and requirements. This has become the main issue for the world of manufactured products as the more products are being manufactured, the more hours of the working machine are needed. While manufacturing products, the machine generate large amounts of heat which must be constantly cool down so that those machines can continue its process effectively. 

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