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What is Chiller ?

Most of the time, Chiller are used for cooling the products and machinery. These industrial water chillers are widely used in a different process where chilled water or liquid are circulated, such as injection molding, chemicals, laser, machinery, food & beverage and more. The main priority of an industrial chiller is to move the heat from one location to another location. The essential substance that are required for this process is either water or glycol solution to transfer the heat from the chiller. It is a requirement for the process of the chiller to have a reservoir and pumping system. 

Why use Chiller ?

Almost any industrial process, there’s no such machine or motor that works with 100% efficiency due to the extreme heat that is needed to be cool down. If the heat is not removed, it might cause a serious damage to the machine, shutting down the machine, or shorten the lifetime of the machine itself. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent such incident by cooling down the machine. 
In addition, using the industrial chiller will benefit the factory by providing a consistent temperature and pressure for any industrial process. It’s also prevents the water being wasted due to recirculated system in the industrial chiller thus minimizing the cost of water consumption which can be costly and also environmentally unfriendly.  

How does a chiller work ?

The Chiller process consist of a chemical compound which is called refrigerant. Depending on the required temperature or condition, there are various types of refrigerant and applications. Commonly in every cooling process, a pumping system circulates cool water or water/glycol solution from the chiller to its process. The substance will remove the from this process and return the warm fluid back to the chiller. The basic principle of the compression and phrase -change of the refrigerant is from a liquid to a gas then back to liquid. This process is called refrigeration cycle. 

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