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Water Treatment Analysis

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Why is Water Treatment Important ?

Water Treatment is one of the most important requirement that is needed in almost every industrial site. The main process of this treatment is to remove any contaminants and reduces the water concentration in the system. This process allows the water to fit its purpose for the end-use. It is also safe for human health as it can be consume by personal use.  

What could happen if there is no Water Treatment ?


When insoluble substance like calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, magnesium salts and silica, precipitate out of cooling water, they form a solid deposits called scale. Scaling may be promoted by variations in pH, temperature, alkalinity and concentration of scale-forming constituents in water. 



Most metals used in cooling tower systems are very susceptible to corrosion. The surfaces must be kept clean to prevent under-deposit corrosion, which can lead to system failures. Corrosion can be uniformly distributed throughout the system.

Effect (Internal)

Effect (External)


Slim is mostly considered as bacteria, algae, fungi etc. These slim are mostly grown because of the dissolved nutrient, pH, temperature or any dissolved oxygen.


What do we provide ?

Blow Down Control

We can provide the services to keep checking the status of the water concentration as it is very essential to maintain the level of the water concentration.

Chemical Treatment

Chemical treatment are techniques adopted to make industrial water suitable of human’s health and free of discharge. These chemicals are included with precipitation, chemical disinfection, chemical oxidation, advanced oxidation, ion exchange, and chemical neutralization.

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