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Are you still using the Compressor with Oil Injection Type ?

Normally, Oil Injection compressor normally requires Compressor Oil to run the machine. However, using the oil might cause the problem in the long term. Once the machine is defected by the unclean air, it may cause the substance to become hazardous which can be the cause of cancer. In order to avoid these problems, we would like to introduce our customer to either use the oil with food grade or use the Air Injection Compressor. (which is the best decision). 

The disadvantages of using Oil Injection Compressor

Once, there is too much pressure in the compressor, it might cause the leakage to come out from the machine. These leakage can be defected by unclean substance and can become hazardous 

The oil in the compressed air can be infected by dust and water which will form oil-dust-water emulsion. This substance can be the source of bacteria and can cause the pipe to become dirty and unsafe to use. 

The oil can be trapped in either Air Cylinder or Solenoid Valve which can cause the disfunction of the machine. 

When there’s a disfunction in the machine and the air blow has been used, there might be a leakage of water which the water itself is extremely dirty. The Oil Injection machine require around 20-30° and humidity up 10 70-90% which if the requirement is not met, it might worsen the condition of the factory. 

So why Oil Free (Air) Compressor ?

No oil is required which this will reduce the dirt and oil problem from the machine. 

No drain will be release from the machine. 

The dust will not trapped inside the machine. 

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